I am a clumsy person. I always spill out coffee, tea, or a cup of hot chocolate on my keyboard and my accessories. I cannot even put a cup of coffee on my computer table because I know that I will turn it over. Most of my keyboards died that way.

I have solved this problem. I bought a waterproof keyboard. This is an amazing gadget. You can spill coffee, tea or any liquid on it and it will be fine. It can take a whole cup of water and you can easily keep working. Guys from Lenovo company made a really good gadget for us. Especially for people like me that are not that accurate.

You can also get a wireless version of this keyboard. It is very convenient you can put your computer in the kitchen and the keyboard will stand any liquid that you pour on it. This keyboard is already for sale in China but I am not sure about the rest of the world. I think that you should get one as soon as you find it. Because you need a protected keyboard.