This gadget named Baby Q-100 Gas Grill looks very nice. But his name doesn’t correspond to its size, because it is big enough. Although it weigh is only 28 lbs. (nearly 13 kg). It’s cool to take this gadget to the party or to enjoy food prepared on in the park for example. The grill as almost assembled so it’s no necessary to fit together all the parts of the gadget. Grill has durable cast aluminum body and lid that makes him easy. Dimensions 14 X 27 X 16 inches allow the grill to be named compact. Grill includes special push-button ignition for lighting easy and fast, a large lid made of aluminum which it heat-resistant, an adjustable burner with a regulator of high quality, which allows grill to work intensive. Forceful nylon grills frame. Improvement novelty of the gadget is that fuel type of propan allows usage of the grill at home conditions. Pan holder is included for easy use and its perfect property is in his easy cleaning! Warranty of such a grill is 5 years and its price is $138.95