When amphibious vehicles come to my mind I get really excitable. But when it comes to the innovative concept car named the Amphibious Hybrid which pushes all the limits I am just speechless. Designed by such car designers as Janne Leppanen, Tuulia Miettinen, Roope Kolu, Tiemen Stelwagen and Jaap Van Der Voort, this futuristically looking car seems to be something special thanks to its high tech wheels that make it possible to run on any road including snow, land or even water.

The Amphibious Hybrid car seems to be a zero-emission car which is powered by electricity. The concept car features a smart wheel system which is able to match any terrain by changing its tires automatically. This is possible due to onboard systems of the car that feel the road and change the wheels accordingly. So the car provides whatever traction you might need. When the car is on the highway, the tires will be in standard mode while snow or other surfaces will change the wheels for the better grip.

So once the car is on water, the tires turn into flaps to propel the car. Running on batteries, this concept car is environmentally friendly and could be a nice solution for all the adventurous travelers. However, the price tag is expected to be high. There are 4 engines installed in each wheel. This exciting three wheeled car concept appears to be another step forward to help adventurers to travel intelligently.

Wherever your car goes, there might be dangerous curvy roads. Nissan revealed its new assisted steering system that is able to synchronize engine, braking navigation and steering systems making it possible for drivers to make safe turns. While driving on curvy roads can be exhausting, the Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal feature along with the Active Stability Assist help to facilitate your driving making it smooth and comfy.

Working in tandem with navigation map data, the Distance Control Assist System together with the Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal is able to simplify your decelerating and braking technique right before a curve. These handy systems make it possible to drive comfortably and easy. The system is capable of assisting the driver right in front of upcoming curve by going the accelerator pedal up to allow smooth braking.

The assist system is rated to be worldwide first that decrease workload of the driver on curvy roads using accelerator, brakes, power train and navigation. The system is expected to be mass produced in Japan in autumn 2009. The Active Stability Assist system operates on each of the four wheels and makes your driving more controllable.

The Distance Control Assist System along with the vehicle’s electronic stability control provides smoother cornering by means of brakes automatically applied to each wheel. The Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal with the help of navigation system optimizes the speed of the car ahead of corners to lift the accelerator pedal. Thus, your cornering technique is safer than before.

For all those gamers who sit in front of their monitors for extended period of time it would be wise to know that shortage in winking might be a cause of tunnel vision. Here is an ingenious device called the Wink glasses that save the situation. Developed by Japanese Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Company, this helpful device will make all the gamers’ brain reel at how easy and important wearing of this clip-on device might be.

If you have noticed how often you were experiencing eye strain after long hours in front of your PC, you would feel the difference but regretfully this is going to be available in Japan. If you happen to be in Japan and have this wonderful gizmo you may easily attach it to the spectacles you are wearing, if any. Once attached, the Wink glasses will keep check on how often you blink to correct you when necessary.

The secret of the Wink glasses lies behind its embedded sensors that are capable of detecting the number of times you were blinking, so if the amount of blinking is not enough your eye sight will be blocked that will make you blinking for a while. Such a technique proves to be a useful way to reduce eye strain. So eye sight preservation is in your hands. The Wink Glasses are expected to be available for 150 USD by August 10.

Additionally, these miraculous glasses are able to last up to 8 hours, so your gaming appetite must be satisfied and if not, there is a USB port to offer you some extra power source. Well, if you are willing to eliminate your eye strain while preserving your eye sight, here is a right gadget to start wearing.

BlueTrack represents the most advanced tracking technology as Microsoft says. Microsoft confirmed assumptions in connection with Say Goodbye to Laser company by launching a new mouse technology called BlueTrack.

American company says that this one combines the power of optic technology with the precision of the one based on laser, allowing to this new type of mice usage on almost any kind of surface excluding mirrors and transparent glass.

This technology is based on the combination of two modern technologies - a LED with a blue light that has a pack light, which is more than 4 times wider than a laser on a simple mouse, and a special optical architecture in addition with a new image sensor, created by Microsoft and new pixel geometry also. This combination produces an image with a high contrast of the surface on which the mouse is used. It allows a very high accuracy for the movement detection of the mouse.

So, this mouse can be used on the surfaces that were inaccessible until now as a carpet or the surface of the marble or granite. Microsoft affirms also that this kind of mouse is less predisposed to accumulate dust and cloth.

BlueTrack will appear in November with two models of mice – Microsoft Explorer Mouse at a price of 99 dollars and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse at a price of 79 dollars.
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Gadgets designed by those who are aimed to make life easier and more interesting for disabled people, sometimes unveil new course for hi-tech industries. The most recent gadget that stands at origin of computing devices for disabled is a latest concept cursor manipulator. This light detector attached to one’s spectacles can act as good as a well-known computer mouse and was designed to substitute it completely. The Wink Technology which is in its core can also be, by the way, very handy to all computer users, probably even entice them all.

Jedlicka Institute for Disabled Children, Czech Republic, has become a domain for the gadget’s developers. To make a computer controllable for handicapped persons, researchers and students of this institute have placed a camera locked close to user’s eye. It is programmed to detect eye’s behavior – left, right, up and down movements, and moments when the eye is closed for calculated periods of time. This was the hardest thing to do as the involved students and other researchers say. The device can not only be eye-controlled, but can also perceive head movements. Data from the detector is sent to a control unit and generated into orders computer will understand. Overall cursor on the monitor receives all the commands and follows the way eyeball shows. Shortly closed eye is interpreted as a click, and prolonged eye closing means a double click for eye-controlled computer. Now gadget is completely useable, makes all the computer and Internet resources manageable and is compatible with any PC model. Device is synchronized via USB host.

Wink Technology is unfortunately not the cheapest one. This eye-controlled cursor manipulator will cost slightly more than 1500 Euros but it was said that government and charitable foundations are willing to cover at least a part of the price for disabled children, because it finally offers them Internet resources and computer experience, which means better education and profitable employment.