For all those gamers who sit in front of their monitors for extended period of time it would be wise to know that shortage in winking might be a cause of tunnel vision. Here is an ingenious device called the Wink glasses that save the situation. Developed by Japanese Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Company, this helpful device will make all the gamers’ brain reel at how easy and important wearing of this clip-on device might be.

If you have noticed how often you were experiencing eye strain after long hours in front of your PC, you would feel the difference but regretfully this is going to be available in Japan. If you happen to be in Japan and have this wonderful gizmo you may easily attach it to the spectacles you are wearing, if any. Once attached, the Wink glasses will keep check on how often you blink to correct you when necessary.

The secret of the Wink glasses lies behind its embedded sensors that are capable of detecting the number of times you were blinking, so if the amount of blinking is not enough your eye sight will be blocked that will make you blinking for a while. Such a technique proves to be a useful way to reduce eye strain. So eye sight preservation is in your hands. The Wink Glasses are expected to be available for 150 USD by August 10.

Additionally, these miraculous glasses are able to last up to 8 hours, so your gaming appetite must be satisfied and if not, there is a USB port to offer you some extra power source. Well, if you are willing to eliminate your eye strain while preserving your eye sight, here is a right gadget to start wearing.