Every smoker knows that lighters are limited by their gas charge. And when it runs out of gas you must throw your lighter away, or recharge it. If you smoke a lot, you will find it annoying to throw money away on lighters. What about a lighter that doesn't need gas at all?

This conceptual lighter named Kool is not a usual lighter that we use every day. It is flameless, needs no gas to work and is fully electric, using resistance coils to light cigarettes just like the car cigarette lighter. Battery is charged via USB port that is hiding at the bottom. We don't know how much time it'd be to fully charge that battery, but it seems that you will not depend on gas anymore. And the last but not least - it has a USB mass storage function, so this lighter can be a handy USB flash drive if needed.

It is amazing how the usual things can be refurbished with help of new technologies. This gadget is only a concept, but who knows, maybe in a few years this gadget will be widely spread amongst smokers. We only hope that battery in this lighter will be strong enough to last for a couple of days at least, if not it will be nothing but a useless toy.
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When selecting a car to purchase, we always look for our favorite colors. Somebody likes red; somebody likes white or black... Some cars, like Ferrari, have their own recognizable color, I couldn’t imagine a pink or green Ferrari for example. Sometimes picking the right color for your car is not easy. But in nearest future this problem will be solved. How? You’ll be capable of changing color of your car with a single push of a button!

New technology called "paramagnetic" is a true revolution. Car is coated in a special way by iron (Ferrum) oxide while it is not painted yet. After that, it is processed with electricity in a certain way. This creates special crystals at the surface that can change their color.

It woks better when coated on metal because it needs asmall amount of electricity to maintain the needed color. When the ignition is off, the car becomes white as it was at the beginning.

This technology can create almost every color that human’s eye can distinguish, so it a real way to personalize your car’s color.

Changing colors is very fast – it takes about a second. You can change colors depending on your mood, on weather, or even on day of week. Streets will become much brighter and not so monotonous: green Ferraris or Cyan BMWs, pink Mercedeses – there will be no limits to the fantasy of car owners.

Nissan was already interested in this marvelous technology, so we can already expect color-changing automobiles in 2010.

The best way to change the color of your car is by playing racing video games. Most adult gamers love driving simulators. There are plenty of console and PC video games that cater to the race car driver in all of us.
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CD and DVD recording is a very useful thing, not always legal of course. We remember the times, when CD recorders were very expensive, trashed blank CDs and recording took a long, long time. Nowadays CD or DVD writers are used by almost everybody- and burning a CD is a common and usual form of data exchange and backup. However, blank CDs are literally blank - they must be marked to know what is recorded on them. Using a CD marker is amateur, no matter how beautiful you write. Solution? Of course there is one gadget that can help you with that.

If you want to beautifully decorate newly written CD or DVD, use printable discs. But what if your printer can’t print on CDs? Then, you’ll probably need this gadget. DiscPainter printer, produced by DYMO, is especially designed for CD and DVD printing.

It is capable to print crisp and vivid images with 600 dpi and 1200 dpi resolution, which takes 1 to 3 minutes to finish. One of the good design moves is transparent window, with help of which you can watch closely how your CD is printed, from beginning to the end. This CD printer is using rotational method of printing, so it is very interesting to watch how your CD gradually becomes a work of art.

This interesting and useful device is sold for 279 dollars. Pretty expensive for a printer that can only print on CDs, while there are many usual printers that can print everything and have this function as well. However... If you like interesting gadgets, or think that every function must be made built into different device, this DiscPainter can be your choice.
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If high speed photography is your thing, we have just the batch of pictures for you, which were "taken with a special flash unit that uses a high voltage arc in air as the light source."

A large gallery of objects frozen in motion with a 500-nanosecond flash, a visual cacophony of exploding eggs and firecrackers captured mid-pop.

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Augmented reality hits the iPhone, with ARToolKit V4.4, "letting you create applications which sample real world imagery through the iPhone camera and embellish them with 3D digital objects." Video after the break. Click here for one more picture.

The software is also integrated with the iPhone's accelerometer, so it can automatically detect movements from the phone, and impose those movements on the 3D images instantaneously.

This software just shows you how amazing technology is today.

This interesting iPhone car mount from ThinkGeek "stays secure on your windshield and the flexible gooseneck allows you to position your phone where needed." Video after the break.

Your iPhone clips in securely to the bracket on the front with room to access the dock connector and headphone jack. However, the best feature is the ability to easily rotate your iPhone 90 degrees into portrait or landscape mode.

There are some phone taps that are not true taps at all. They are more like bugs that only allow you to listen to one end of the conversation. While one end can be very useful, the fact is that it can also be very incomplete, leaving a lot of things to conjecture. The most effective phone taps allow you to listen to both ends of the conversation so that you can get as much context from the conversation as possible.

Usually hard taps, soft taps, and advanced cell phone bugs are the phone taps that can allow you to listen to both sides of the conversation. These are taps that get you “into the system,” so to speak, so that you are in the middle of the communication. The best and most advanced taps are not noticeable by the parties being listened to, and so the eavesdropper can hear whatever needs to be heard without letting the others know she or he is there.

Hard phone taps are those that make use of an actual physical line. They consist of a secondary line hooked into the primary line and then bridged to another location. The person listening can be at the location of the tap, or they can use a “slave” to send a transmission. This type of phone tap is extremely difficult to detect, as it is hardwired and usually at a location away from the phone, so sweeping the room for bugs will not be effective.

Soft phone taps are those that take place inside the software of the phone company. The listener gains access to the digital network by hacking in or receiving permission. Most phone companies today now incorporate digital lines into their service, even if the person has a land line. This means that the listener only needs to know which line is associated with the conversation he or she would like to listen to. These are relatively easy to find if someone knows how to look in the software, but virtually undetectable to the parties having the conversations.

Cell phone taps are another matter altogether. They make use of a special cell phone that allows you to dial a secret number to activate the phone for listening. The user is usually unsuspecting and has no idea you are listening to the conversation when you use cell phone taps.

Today you can get instant access to watching satellite TV on your PC but is it all as good as they say. These are how to watch satellite & cable TV on your PC FREE - Tips

For some shows I watch such as my favourite live sport show you have to get it set up 10- 15 minutes beforehand otherwise you not going to get as good of a feed.
As this is not a paid TV cable or satellite service there is buffering involved which means you might have to wait under a minute or two before you can watch a particular program.
Depending on the speed of your computer, if it is a dial up I probably wouldn’t advise you to consider this.

Over 3000 STATIONS on your PC or Laptop for a one time low fee. That means you can stop paying for high-priced cable or satellite services! Watch LIVE Games (even the games that are not shown elsewhere) - With this software!

There are no subscriptions needed and no recurring charges and the picture is DVD quality.

The choices you get are sports such as ESPN, news, movies, music, weather, kids channels, educational, shopping, clips plus radio stations and much, much more. It works anywhere in the world with no need to buy extra hardware equipment or a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection.

You just need an Internet connection. Watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more. You may also browse world TV by regions or by country name you do this by choosing a country and watch there TV programs from that country so many to choose from.

They will be adding many more quality stations in the near future such as ESPN 2, MTV USA, HBO, Playboy TV, Pay Per View, + many more.

There is a forum, which helps you out if you have any questions.

Satellite TV for your PC is solely I believe up to your computer if you have dial up I wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise if you don’t mine waiting for the buffering to watch your program and also a one time low fee to watch satellite TV on your PC then its forever free instead of paying recurring charges to watch on your TV this is the way to go.

Those of them and many others who were lucky to be on the Tuesday 29th at the annual air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, could see the first public demonstration of the latest jetpack. Glenn Martin is the inventor from New Zealand who made his child dreams about flying come true. Now, when the flying gadget is considered safe, it is going to be prepared to be put up for sale. Most probably that it will happen next year when every person interested will be able to get a personal jetpack.

From the age of five Glenn Martin thought of a private gadget that will allow ultimate mobility for him. He started to fulfill his dream when was 20 years old and it took him 27 years to build a fully manageable jetpack from scratch. No need to say how proud he was to present it to a rumbling crowd. 27 years is a considerable period. Many configurations of the jetpack were revised and the final one is of the 11th assemblage.

Glenn Martin was not alone to strive in competition against gravity. His family and friends helped him, encouraged him and even were brave enough to test the gadget. Mr. Martin’s son Harrison is the main test pilot. He is 16 now and has learned to fly before he has learned to drive. Harrison was also the one who run the jetpack at the air show in Oshkosh.

Don’t think about science fiction’s examples of jetpacks. In fact the Mr. Martin’s invention isn’t quite a jetpack to be straight. It doesn’t have a jet engine. This gadget is powered a little differently. Namely it is a very common internal combustion engine. Carrying power is produced by two large superchargers, or simply fans, drove by the above-named engine. Fully equipped jetpack, lets call it so anyway, weights 250 pounds or approximately 110 kilograms. The thrust provided by two fans altogether is about 600 pounds or 270 kilograms. To increase safety and stability, centre of mass is placed as low against the fans as possible. It creates a sort of pendulum effect. The jetpack is also equipped with shock absorbers for smoother landing and less vibration and with a small parachute just in case. Glen Martin himself confirms that it is not too complicated to handle the jet as soon as you are self responsible and not going to do something reckless.

To see the advantages of the recent invention we should compare it with other jetpacks. Practically neither of them before could stay in air for more then some minutes. Mr. Martin’s can fly for half an hour. About its abilities he says that they haven’t been pushed to a limit yet, but before going on sale, jetpack will face an enormous test of getting to a 500 feet height which is about 150 meters. That job he is not going to commit to his son Harrison. If everything will be OK, then we will see this jetpack in stores for 100,000 USD in 2009.

In case you were impressioned with the Morph concept, then we are ready to strike you again, now with a phone concept Open.

So far, we know only that Nokia Open support connectivity 4 Gb and includes flexible display, which we have already admired a year ago produced by Sony. The gadget has a fan form, and in seems that it will be rather difficult to carry it in the pocket, because of it's fragility. As we can see, the handset is equipped with a camera, and probably a virtual keypad on the touch screen.

The image of this gadget was discovered on the Flickr after what appeared on the Concept Phones, but Nokia haven't made any comments in connection with this concept. In case it works in this gadget we may see it in sale after 2015, because Nokia Morph is programmed for launch in 7 years.

Computer novelties from area of periphery continue to surprise us daily. ShortlySoon keyboards can be used everywhere and moreover in most extreme conditions, whether it is weather conditions or location. Digital multimedia keyboards - it is not new. Each time such requirements as convenience and singularity, compactness and universality are more and more obvious. The necessity of these characteristics and certainly with the development of new kinds has allowed to expand understanding about the keyboard and to create universal gadget.

The offer is - a water-proof keyboard. It is made of silicone; this is what gives this keyboard water resistance. Such problem as a cup of coffee spilled on a keyboard is solved. Hardly anyone has managed to get his keyboard in normal condition after such incident. Soap and water became friends not only for us, but also for computer peripheries.

However its main advantage is that the keyboard is compact and portable. It occupies a little place it is possible simply to roll it up. And the buttons will not be hurt.
Functions of the usual keyboard are basically saved. It won't take you long to get used to this keyboard and the position of its additional buttons.

Flexi keyboard will work with any PC or Laptop via USB. And what if your PC would be rolling up as this gadget does? Bendable display would be a very good start.

How to combine pleasant and useful? Only novelties make our life various and interesting. Summertime is just right to put on glasses. But the development of gadget technologies offer much more - do not get behind.

Stylish glasses with MP3 player built in - this innovation strongly enters into life together with other inventions. The producers offer protection against harmful ultra-violet beams and 100% guarantee of a quality of lenses.

Except for volume of internal memory (128 ÌÂ) there is a microphone and USB interface. But all this is in a combination with stylish glasses. There is also software to help you manage your favourite music.

Key Features:

The Memory size: 128ÌB

The polarized lenses

Compatible format: MP3, WMA, ADPCM

The standard USB port

Incorporated USB a disk

Recharging time: 2 hours

Function of Economy of Consumption of the Battery!

Voice output power: 5mW + 5mW

Voice output frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz

CE and FCC the certificate (legalization)

I am a clumsy person. I always spill out coffee, tea, or a cup of hot chocolate on my keyboard and my accessories. I cannot even put a cup of coffee on my computer table because I know that I will turn it over. Most of my keyboards died that way.

I have solved this problem. I bought a waterproof keyboard. This is an amazing gadget. You can spill coffee, tea or any liquid on it and it will be fine. It can take a whole cup of water and you can easily keep working. Guys from Lenovo company made a really good gadget for us. Especially for people like me that are not that accurate.

You can also get a wireless version of this keyboard. It is very convenient you can put your computer in the kitchen and the keyboard will stand any liquid that you pour on it. This keyboard is already for sale in China but I am not sure about the rest of the world. I think that you should get one as soon as you find it. Because you need a protected keyboard.

I have put together a list of the Top 10 Strangest Keyboards, enjoy.

10. Luxeed LED Rainbow Keyboard

The backlit buttons on a keyboard is a very useful feature, especially if you sit all night in front of your computer. This keyboard has this feature too, but... It goes further, letting you to customize each button's color. Therefore, you can choose the pattern you like the most, or just color the different blocks of buttons to different colors. Maybe this is not the strangest keyboard, but it is definitely not regular one.

9. Roll-up Keyboard

If you think that your keyboard must go everywhere with you, then you will be interested in this extremly portable rubber keyboard. You can roll it up and stick it in your pocket with ease. That is all that makes it different from an ordinary one, but is it not enough for a keyboard to consider it strange? The biggest advantage of this keyboard - there will be no food under the buttons.

8. The Wrist keyboard

Hey, this one reminds me of Predator from Aliens vs Predator movie. The Predator had a computer on his wrist and typed on it regularly. However, this one only serves as a keyboard. It is hard to think of conditions when this keyboard is useful, maybe when you need to type while standing, or to control some device on the field. The main disadvantage is that only one hand is involved in typing, which makes typing painfully slow compared to usual method.

7. The Frogpad

This tiny keyboard is more suitable to call a keypad, because it has only 20 buttons instead of 110. However, each button can accomplish several different functions. For example, button labeled as "O" can be used to type "O", slash, backslash, "Q", 7, or it can be the left arrow button and Insert button. All button operations are done via set of symbol shifting keys. It is obvious that they did all this 10 operation per button thing for reducing keyboard's size, but will it be comfortable to use? Creators say that after a good training you will be able to get up to 40 words per minute with this keypad... Nevertheless, why should you bother so much if you can do all that with the regular one?

6. The Twiddler 2

This keyboard is very similar to previous one, but it uses very different approach to typing. On this keyboard (keypad?) you need to press buttons just like when playing on the guitar. Maybe this keyboard is made especially for Guitar Hero fans or musicians, but for the ordinary people it will be very uncomfortable. The designers say that it will take "a weekend" to learn to type 30 words per minute on this thing. The question is - should you bother learning?

5. The cre8txt keyboard

This interesting keyboard continues the row of tiny compact keypads. It has one huge difference: it is created for SMS fanatics in mind. The button layout will be known to people who own cell phones - it is made in good and old three letters per button style. This keyboard has predictive input software, even slang to normal English translator, but it hugely lacks in speed compared with usual 110-button keyboard.

4. Toshiba Gaming Keyboard

If you are a gamer then you know that regular keyboard is not that good for gaming as it is for typing. Therefore, person who wants to play often usually purchases a gamepad. Toshiba thinks that a true gamer must stick with a keyboard instead of a gamepad, but not with the regular one - with modified one. This gaming keyboard is almost completely useless for typing - it has only 55 buttons, which is enough for any game but is not enough for typing. It is questionable, why a gamer should buy this keyboard instead of a gamepad if he is not a First Person Shooter games fan.

3. Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard

First thing you will notice - this keyboard is made especially to prevent RSI and to increase ergonomics. Yes, it is very ergonomic. However, you will need a week or two to get used to this "ergonomicness". It is the good idea to move button groups to the different sides, so the hands lie comfortably while typing. It even features some multimedia buttons, which are near the numpad panel that rests in the center of this keyboard. If this is what the ideal keyboard is, it is best to stick with the usual one instead, because this one looks completely strange.

2. The SafeType keyboard

This one looks even stranger that the previous one, but at least it is understandable why it is shaped like this. The main idea is that while typing position of your hands will be more comfortable, and they will not suffer from RSI and many other side effects of usual keyboards. However, the efforts you make to master this type of keyboard will overcome any advantages of this layout.

1. Orbitouch keyboard

This keyboard is the strangest of them all - it has no buttons. Not even a single one. How the keystrokes are made? Simple. The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you rotate the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. Sliding the domes will result caracters respective to their positions. It also has a mouse function built in so thi one keyboard is able to replace a usual keyboard and a mouse. It is for sure that even after a hard training you will be able to slide (the word "type" just isn't right for this thing) words faster than on a usual keyboard. However, it may be useful for people with limited abilities.

Artistry was always considered as something really refined and exquisite, because it's very hard to achieve success in this domain. At the same time there are a lot of people who like drawing and creating something new and unusual. Yet the problem is that even if you are very gifted and have a luxuriant imagination, you can bury you talent, because of not knowing how, i.e. by which methods, you can create something or just not having the possibility to do so. That's why a lot of new devices that were developed especially for designers and artists appeared lately. Some of them are so successful that it seems they can give you almost unlimited opportunities.

The gadget created by Kyle Cherry can be with every reason reckoned one of such devices, because it deserves very flattering remarks. Given concept represents a new type of computer that is designed to increase the quality and productivity of designers' and artists' work. It is intended to allow a user with little or no experience to make the switch from traditional to digital workflows by building the system around a more familiar interface. From each side this device has very functional and useful "side bars, where the toolbars and auxiliary information are displayed separately allowing the work space to be completely blank. Moreover it has three different modes: pen, touch and mouse modes. The pen mode allows the user to draw traditionally as if pen to paper. In the touch mode not just the side bars can be controlled by touch but the screen as well. As regards the mouse mode, it allows the users to use the mouse of their choice. In addition there is a navigator that helps you to navigate smoothly across large documents.

Actually there is no need to add something; still, if you look at the picture, you will probably understand why it's impossible not to mention the perfect design of this gadget. Maybe there are some disadvantages too, but we can say for sure that given concept can make jealous even the owners of Wacom Cintiq that is very popular at the moment.

It is a widely known fact that many cellular operators offer interesting propositions, which can help you buy expensive smartphones for 1 dollar, or a very small price. This is a very tempting offer, but there are some rules which you must obey if you want to use newly bought phone properly. These phones often are blocked for use with only one phone carrier, so you will not be able to use any other SIM card apart from those of that carrier. It is very disappointing that some phones are only available to use with certain phone carriers, and if you live in another country or just don't want to switch operators. Such as newly released iPhone 3G that is available only from AT&T and doesn't work in other networks. How about all Apple fans that are living overseas? Thanks to the Brando, they can enjoy the iPhone 3G in their home networks without any problems.

This new chip from Brando makes a very interesting thing - it tells to the phone that your SIM card is from needed operator, making it believe that you are using the right one. Just slide the attachment under your "normal" SIM card (the one that you wish to use), and that’s all! You can then use your usual SIM card with your number without any limitations. This Brando chip is very thin, so it minimizes the need to cut and trim SIM card, and manufacturer claims that it can be used with a variety of cell phones and smartphones, not only with iPhone 3G. The list of supported models include Alcatel, Blackberry, LG,

I have always had problems when wanted to edit or split any video or audio files. One of the first questions is what software to use for my video or audio editing. The second problem appears when you want to convert from one format to another. So my wish was to find some program that would do all the needed conversions for me. This is what Blaze Media Pro media converter has been created for.

Blaze Media Pro audio converter can convert the following formats: CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-4, AIFF, M4A, AAC, AC3, FLAC, and ALAC. This I think would be enough for almost any user out there. Besides, when ripping off the CD it has also possibility to download track information from CDDB.

As for video converter this software can be used to convert: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (VCD, SVCD, DVD), AVI, WMV, ASF, Flash (SWF and FLV), iPod, PSP, 3GP, and MOV.

If converting is not enough for your Blaze Media Pro can also edit the following video files: AVI (uncompressed), AVI (compressed using any available codec), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and ASF. Besides, all those functions this software has also a built in DVD ripper and can convert it to any video file supported.

As for additional functions Blaze Media Pro can also split, join (merge), combine, extract, capture streaming videos, lyrics search, MusicID audio recognition etc. One of the functions I like is that it supports CD and DVD burning so you can instantly burn whatever you have made with your video and audio files.

It is a well known rule, that every successful product will have its followers. Whether they are direct replicas or strong competitors, they certainly will cause much less impact than the original. Apple knows this for sure, because every now and then their products are replicated and followed by other companies. Let us not mention Chinese HiPhones and other cheap parodies, and try to concentrate on real and interesting competitors offered.

MacBook Air, when released, was a huge success. While it was pricey, it offered a unique experience of owning a world's thinnest laptop with Mac OS X inside. Of course, no other company has a chance to offer Mac OS X in their laptops; however the title of "world's thinnest laptop" will no longer be associated with Air. This title goes now to Voodoo Envy 133, new laptop from the HP. It beats its competitor in thickness, being 0.15 cm thinner that the MacBook Air. However, will it overcome Apple laptop in other domains? Let us see.

This new gadget from Voodoo certainly has its style. It definitely does not even try to copy MacBook Air design, it looks completely unique. While it seems not as slick as Air is, it definitely deserves a plus on this side. Its body is made completely from carbon fiber with custom micro-weave design, and looks very attractive. It comes in two different colors, black and white, with inner part always remaining black. Design is a very subjective thing, but it will be fair to say that Envy 133 has not failed at this point.

Envy's internal hardware does not fall behind MacBook Air either. It is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo SP7500 / SP7700 processor, has 2 GB of DDR2 RAM and 80 GB HDD (which can be replaced by the 64 GB SSD for additional price). Display resolution and size is the same as on MacBook, 1280 x 800, 13.3". Same as Air, it does not have any internal optical drive, so you can use external one that comes together with the laptop. As an answer to the Air's multi-touch touchpad, Envy 133 has large touchpad with multiple finger tracking and gestures support.

In terms of connectivity, Voodoo Envy 133 seems more powerful than MacBook Air. First, apart from wireless capabilities, Envy has Ethernet port, which gives you possibility to connect it to any wired networks available. Second, one of the very interesting features is Envy's integrated wireless personal access point, so you can use laptop as a Wi-Fi Access Point for all Wi-Fi capable devices - all thanks to the Voodoo Aura PowerConnect feature. It also has 2 USB 2.0 slots instead of one on the MacBook Air, so if you have external optical drive connected you will always be able to connect another gadget in remaining USB port without having to buy USB hubs. However, one of the slots is e-SATA, so you will have to use an adapter to connect USB devices there.

On the software side, it could be almost completely similar to other Windows based laptops, but it is not. There is one feature that makes this laptop unique in some sort: Voodoo IOS, Instant On Solution. It gives you the ability to boot up almost instantly in a special mode, where you can browse Internet, chat in IM or talk via Skype - without booting up Windows. It only takes 4 to 5 seconds to be completely usable - very interesting feature for those, who do not want to wait until Windows boots up. Of course, IOS offers only limited amount of programs, so if you want more you can press the button with Windows logo on it to boot directly to Windows Vista.

According to info on the Voodoo page, Envy 133 laptop can work 3 hours on one battery charge. Of course, battery time will depend on how intense you use laptop, so maybe it will be possible to increase this time a little. The biggest difference from Air is that the battery on Envy is replaceable, so you can always buy another one if you feel that one is not enough.

Does this newcomer from Voodoo (or is it best to say, from HP?) will overcome Apple's MacBook Air, but it certainly is a very interesting device. It offers a bunch of new features that are completely unique to this model, and it is definitely thinner that Air. Its price is 2099 USD, which is a bit more that the price for Air, but it seems reasonable for all the features Envy 133 has.

As gadgets make their way into our lives, more and more usual thing that we are accustomed to transform into multifunctional tools with help of new technologies. One of the most interesting topics is a wristwatch-related gadgets. Wristwatches became the man's companion since the XIX century; even now, it is a very popular accessory, which shows not only the time, but also its owner's status. There were many attempts to transform them into a high-tech gadget, from a built-in calculator to cell phone abilities. Unfortunately, all those modifications, especially cell phone ones, while being high-tech and pricy, lacked one very important thing - usability. They were too big and bulky, too ugly and too expensive to be popular. However, as the time goes by, new contestants appear... Maybe this one will win the customers attention?

Van Der Led WM2 look stylish, seems like it is the first multifunctional wristwatch with a cell phone function that you will be not afraid to wear. While it can attract with its looks, it remain highly packed with functions inside. Imagine that inside of this small case is hiding a quad-band GSM cell phone with 1.3 inched touchscreen capable of showing up to 262 thousands colors; Bluetooth with AD2P support; 1.3 megapixel camera for making photos and videos; 1 GB of flash memory for MP3 and MP4 storage and playback; FM radio receiver and many more! It is simply amazing how all such things are made inside a wristwatch, and they remained usual-sized (62 x 45.5 x 17.6 mm). Digital number pad can be found on the wristlet; buttons are not big but remain usable. This cell phone watches are designed to be paired with Bluetooth headset, which is included in the package, but if you forgot your Bluetooth headset at home you will be able to talk without it, by holding them near your ear (a funny situation indeed). It even has vibrating functions, so you will not miss the call even if the sound is off, and 7-colored LED light will help you notice it. It has all functions the average mobile phone has - GPRS, WAP, PIM manager with calendar and appointment functions, Photo ID and voice recording, and can be connected to the PC via built-in USB port. Its battery life cannot be compared to simple watches, but for such a technical marvel it is not small - manufacturer claims that it will hold up to 300 minutes in call and 240 hours in standby mode.

This popular idea of combining cell phone and wristwatch has finally come to pleasant result. This watch looks and feels like an ultimate high-tech gadget, holding plenty of functions inside it combine usability, technology and style into one interesting mix. Rumors go that it is Symbian powered… If it is true, than this will be a tiniest smartphone on the market. It can be purchased for 299.99 Euros.

Nowadays, it is popular among car companies to announce one or two models that are fueled not with gas, but with electricity. It is unknown, why they mystically disappear after being announced, maybe because of low distance they can drive without battery recharging, maybe because of their ultra high cost. However, it is clear that this kind of engines will prevail above internal combustion ones in some time. It is a wise idea to combine these two engines, produce a hybrid that will be more versatile in nowadays conditions. This is exactly the idea behind this futuristic concept car that combines advantages of both engine types to obtain unique capabilities.

This car is named Antro Solo, and is engineered in Hungary. Apart from having a very futuristic design (it resembles a soapbox a little), it does have very futuristic parameters. While it requires gas to run, it uses only 0.01 liter of gas per kilometer! This was made possible by using electric engine, which accompanies combustion one. Power is gained through many solar batteries on the roof of this car, but even if you are driving in tunnel or rain, there is nothing to worry about - gas powered generator will charge car's batteries if there is no sunlight.

However, the most amazing and interesting innovation is that if you run out of gas, you can power up your car yourself! There are two pair of pedals in front of passenger seats, so if you run out of fuel during rain, you can always ask your passengers to help you out.

The body of this car is made of carbon fiber, which was made to reduce its weight. It weighs only 272 kg! More than that, carbon-fibered body will increase its durability. Unfortunately, there were no crash-tests yet, because only one car was produced, and it is shown today at the Budapest transport museum. Apart from many other concepts which exist only on paper, engineers of this one hope to begin mass-producing them starting from 2012, which is not so far. One of the most interesting parts is its price, which they claim will start from 18,000 USD. Let's wait and see, will it gain popularity or it will be forgotten as many other interesting car concepts.

iPhone is a very interesting device. It was a big sensation on the cell phone market when it appeared. Apart from being the long-awaited phone from Apple, it also introduced many features that were anticipated by community. People wanted multimedia phone with huge and bright screen, and, of course, as it is from Apple, it must have Apple's iTunes integrated perfectly. All these features were implemented correctly, and in result customers obtained one of the best smartphones on the market. However, other companies did not want to miss this opportunity, and hurried to make their own iPhone rivals. It is hard to compete with such a strong opponent, but some of the models apperaed to be quite interesting. In this top we wanted to choose top 10 iPhone killers, or so-called ones.

10. Meizu M8

Chinese company Meizu was one of the first companies who dared to come up versus iPhone. Their smartphone, called M8, tries to be better then iPhone and in some aspects it succeeds. It has 4 or 8 GB of built-in flash memory, digital camera, and Windows Mobile instead of ripped down Mac OS X in iPhone. Manufacturer claims that their phone is really a tool for work and not only beautiful toy like iPhone is. Of course, Windows Mobile has huge software base, it constantly grows and is far bigger than iPhone's. Meizu M8 is an attractive tool indeed, it is fully chromed and looks beautiful. Full support for Bluetooth devices, voice dial... It costs 310$ for 4GB model and 400 for 8GB. If you want to strip out camera, it will cost less: only 195$ for 4GB and 285$ for 8GB. Attractive enough to kill the iPhone? Maybe it will not kill (how can be easily killed such device as iPhone?), but for some people it will be more a reasonable purchase than Apple's smartphone.

9. Nokia N800

This device from Nokia, famous Finnish cellphone manufacturer, cannot be directly compared to iPhone, but it has similar parameters and form-factor. Although Nokia N800 lacks cellphone functions, it has VoIP capabilities, and can call and receive calls via WiFi using Skype. One of the biggest advantages over iPhone is that N800 is Linux-based, an Open OS, which means that there is huge software base and you can freely write your own applications for it. It also can do many things iPhone can't – participate in video chats, use Debian/Maemo software packages and listen to FM radio. However, it can't call without using VoIP, so comparison isn't fair enough. In any case, it is a very interesting device, even without comparing it to Apple's iPhone.

8. OpenMoko Neo1973

This device, like Nokia N800, is Linux-based. It is a part of OpenMoko project, which is a open source project dedicated to delivering open software on mobile platforms. It is capable of sending and receiving calls in GSM networks, has Samsung 266 MHz processor inside, and 128 MB of RAM. It is often compared to iPhone, because they have similar form-factor and both has Unix-based OS's. This is only a matter of taste, which type do you like most: open and free operating system of Neo1973 or closed but polished MacOS X from iPhone. Unfortunately, device from Apple is more powerfull in terms of hardware, but closed operating system reduces usability of this resources, while on Neo1973 you have full access to whole resources that this device has. This is a big difference for developers, but will it be so noticeable for simple customers?

7. Garmin Nuvifone

Garmin International Inc, leading GPS manufacturer, decided to produce its own iPhone killer. Garmin Nuvifone is a very interesting device, which combines widescreen GPS with a multimedia cell phone. Unlike so-called "GPS" that iPhone 1G had, Nuvifone has a real GPS module that can tell your position and velocity very precisely. In iPhone 3G Apple has already fixed this, so modern iPhones have already got GPS module inside. Apart from GPS, Nuvifone can play music and video files, can make photos with built-in camera and have many other interesting functions. One of the most curious features Nuvifone has is tracking abilities: if you are worried where your cellphone is, it can send you it's coordinates via SMS. All images, captured by Nuvifone will have GPS coordinates written inside the image, so you will know where exactly you took them. 3.5 inch display of Nuvifone is clear and colourful, and is the same size as in iPhone, so now the competition is tough. Biggest disadvantage of Garmin's device is that it is not a smartphone, it runs on a proprietary firmware and does not permit installation of any third-party application. iPhone is a closed platform, but it can be unlocked to allow third-party applications to be installed, Nuvifone cannot. So it is a comparison between smartphone and a cellphone, which is not fair by default. But will this disadvantage matter for customers, that does not care what OS their device is running, and just want it to operate smoothly?

6. Samsung AnyCall Haptic

AnyCall Haptic is one of the first devices, which is equipped with haptic feedback function, which iPhone lacks. It is a very interesting feature that enables feedback from pressing virtual buttons just like they were real. This gadget looks very familiar to Apple's iPhone, with several changes of course. When it is so similar on the outside, it is very different from the inside. It has Digital TV receiver in the T-DMB format, Bluetooth 2.0 with file transfer ability and its screen is 0.3 inches smaller – 3.2 opposed to 3.5 in iPhone. While it certainly isn't smartphone, it had a chance of being a serious rival to the iPhone. But it never will, because it is sold only in South Korea for 700-800$. What a pitty.

5. Samsung Glyde

Samsung company has strong chances of overcoming iPhone, if not by quality, then by quantity of so-called "killers". So, here we go – another interesting device which strongly reminds famous Apple iPhone. This cellphone operates in CDMA networks and have EV-DO data transfering speeds, so it will be quite fast compared to iPhone's EDGE. Even iPhone 3G cannot compete with EV-DO in speeds, so Glyde will be the winner in this competition. It has haptic feedback enabled 2.8-inched touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard which slides down when needed. It certainly has all multimedia functions that any modern cellphone has, and it is more suitable for text messaging than iPhone is because of built-in keyboard. Not certainly a killer, but an interesting device for sure.

4. SonyEricsson Xperia X1

This interesting cellphone is, maybe, first real pretender on the iPhone's crown. First Windows Mobile smartphone from famous cellphone manufacturer, it will incorporate design and power in one case. Made in slider form, it has full QWERTY keyboard under bright and big WVGA display. Its 800 x 480 resolution really beats iPhone's 480 x 320, images on Xperia X1 look much more crisp and clear. It does not have such amount of built-in flash memory as iPhone does, but it supports microSD flash cards, so you will be able to buy additional storage if needed. Open Windows Mobile platform already has huge software base, and it is more business-related, so Xperia will be much more useful for work than iPhone. Good for SonyEricsson designers, they didn't copy iPhone's design and made Xperia X1 look different, which makes it recognizeable, smartphone has its own face. Apart from display, X1 has 3.1 megapixel camera with video recording ability, which iPhone lacks. When it will hit the stores, this long-awaited device from SonyEricsson can be a strong rival to iPhone. Let us hope price won't be sky-high.

3. Nokia Tube

Second answer from Finnish company to iPhone mania is even more similar to Apple's smartphone than previous ones. Device is only in concept mode, but manufacturer claims that it will be released in the end of 2008. It looks a lot like iPhone, very similar, same no-button touchscreen interface. It will run on redesigned Symbian OS, specially optimized for sensor navigation. It will have 640 x 360 widescreen display, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus feature, TV-out, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi... While Tube beats iPhone in features, will it beat iPhone in usability? Question that can be answered only after release.

2. HTC Diamond

HTC, well-known communicator manufacturer from Taiwan, tried to overcome iPhone many times. First it was HTC Touch, first HTC communicator based only on finger navigation. It had success, but it paled compared with iPhone's. However, HTC decided not to give up this course and released other models in Touch family. Touch Cruise, Touch Dual... They were almost the same, only with minor differences. However, with Diamond, HTC wanted to release smartphone that is completely able to compete with Apple's iPhone. This time it is almost a masterpiece. 2.8-inched touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera and HSDPA internet connectivity. It runs on Windows Mobile, which wasn't amazing for HTC products. All interface was rebuilt, so now it is truly amazing and fast. However, Windows Mobile is not very finger-friendly OS, so in any case you will need stylus for many applications, while on iPhone you don't need stylus at all. While iPhone cannot be easuly beaten, this device from HTC make competition much more interesting.

1. Samsung Instinct

If there were prizes for quantity of iPhone rivals from one company, Samsung may be the winner, sharing its place only with HTC. Latest try from Korean company was, arguably, most successful one. Release of Instinct attracted huge attention, and there really are reasons why. Instinct is a Sprint version of AnyCall Haptic, it looks very similar both to iPhone and AnyCall. However, there is a feeling that it was carefully redesigned to look even more sexy than iPhone. It uses haptic feedback, so every virtual button will feel like real. Many multimedia functions, TV service from Sprint and bright screen make this device a portable multimedia center. While it lacks iTunes connectivity, Sprint offers its own music and video download service, so you won't feel yourself deprived. Instinct has real working GPS, like iPhone 3G, and preinstalled navigational software. But considering closed platform of iPhone, Instinct has good chances to compete with Apple cellphone.

Water Power clock will surely help you to be more environmental friendly.Running on the latest H2O water-powered replaceable battery, together with digital technology. The Water Power Clock also works as an Alarm, countdown timer and a thermometer. By turning the clock through 90-degree, the water power clock will change to different working modes: Time, Day and Date; Alarm settings; countdown Timer; Temperature.

Pet Plant is a fashionable kit for your phone or key ring and are lots of fun to grow. They are bonsai plants, cactus and succulents, that live in a small plastic capsule. Once grown (3-6 months) they can be transplanted to a larger pot for your home or garden.Pet Plants come with a lanyard that is ideal for your mobile phone or keychain. Take your Pet Plant with you everywhere and amaze your friends.

It’s hot summer already. Best time to go camping with friends or family. Think of a solar charger for your mobile phone, PDA or iPod now. With one of the latest models offered for sale you may finally find yourself independent of electricity supply anywhere. Mobile solar charger has come out by July and has already gathered lots and lots of positive comments.

If you want to know what's your babies doing or how's their sleeping while you are busing in kitchen or working crazy next to the baby room. This wireless digital baby video monitor will be your favorite tools.

You can place the camera on any shelves and tables. Just plug it in and turn it on, you can watch your babies daily whenever you are cooking or even showering. The camera also equipped with night vision.

At present sand filled hour glasses being one of the most ancient technology that had been used for thousands of years are not considered as an useful device. It seems that modern society has moved away beyond the need for this great invention. However designer Pavel Balykin believes that this very retro timepiece is on schedule for a comeback. So he decided to create a new concept that would possess some features of hour glasses.

As world industry is turning to environmentally friendly products, we find more and more companies manifesting their gadgets in this field. But should we say they do not approach to entertain their users? Some of the upcoming gadgets can give us a clear answer to the question doing a great job for our amusement. BLDC motors caught the wind and now present their new creation. Electric bicycle by BLDC or "e-bike" in other words, is designed for more efficient, comfortable and reliable work than any others presented before.

The core of the project - brand-new ECU (electronic control unit) is now operating new generation brushless three-phase motor. Although e-bike is packed with latest and expensive gadgets, it is supposed to decrease overall cost in every day usage. Many other well-known e-bikes cost more than an average four door sedan (fixed price for the Pi electric bicycle is 7500 USD and this is not quite the limit). So if BLDC motors are brave enough to call their e-bike thrifty, no wonder they will face unprecedented demand. The concept appeals to those who use a car only for short one-man trips. E-bike will be as helpful as a car but will also prevent air pollution.

To find out more about BLDC innovations we will have to take a closer look at the e-bike's ECU. The Infineon XC800 8-bit microcontroller solves calculation problems in no time owing to upgraded 8051 two clocks core. The faster execution processes flow, the less electric power is spent. The other merit of the gadget is accustomed software. Vital algorithms of the capture/compare unit, or CCU, are now able to run without enabling some feeble and expensive sensors. Sensorless control capability is upheld by an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Protection of the gadget's software is also not out of place. The BLDC e-bike will be supplied with special features that will prevent uploading common drive conformation, primary product differentiation and code.

Is it a new rival for the famous iPhone? David Owens says that they both have advantages when comparing these two marvels in cellular technologies. Let's say it's just very different from iPhone and this makes the Instinct not another iPhone clone but another good phone for the customers, however it looks like iPhone (Maybe it's just popular today).

So let's start with the screen: its screen is a 3.1 inch touch screen with resolution of 320*240. However, it works differently from the most of touch screens out there. Its main difference is that it reacts on depressing, so the buttons will be pushed when you depress the screen. This technology allows you to use stylus, finger nail, or finger ball to navigate through the new Samsung (which you cannot do with iPhone). The "Turn-off screen" button is situated on the top side of the phone besides you can change the dim timers of the screen to prolong the battery life.

Instinct doesn't have a keyboard so the customer will have to use one on the screen, the keyboard is also different from the iPhone's one because when you are typing it appears in landscape mode to make it more comfortable to the user. Its unique features are spellcheck correction and something like T9. It will notify you with a signal if make a typo.

The other advantage of the Samsung Instinct is that they have made it very user friendly and comfortable to use and very fast speed. Everything in this phone is ruled by speed and comfort ability. It gives you a very good internet connection (streaming TV is available), a very good camera and a very fast processor. Besides, it gives you a very good battery (1,000 mAmp) and very flexible customization capabilities.

Instinct's camera is a 2.0 MP camera that can also record videos. It should make pretty good pictures, and good features. Additionally, it has some more features to it. First of all you can upload all the images and videos you make to your personal web pages like facebook and etc. A very unique feature has been added to the web browser when you want to scroll around you page. Holding the camera button and moving your phone to the sides or up and down will scroll the page you are viewing. A very interesting addition to replicate the accelerometers installed in some cell phones.

GPS Navigation makes Samsung Instinct one of the best phones on the market (depending on its price). GPS module uses Sprint's network or the GPS itself to give the customer best service and best times. As David Owens it works pretty darn fast and he had never experienced any difficulties with that. The GPS module features audio and video step to step directions and there is also a good search engine built in. The customer can type in "pizza" and Instinct will propose a few closest ones.

Capacity features are impressive: sprint gives the customers a 2GB flash card with 2,000 prerecorded songs from the music store. Additional songs can be downloaded from media store for just 99 cents per song. However, you can also download all the music you like from your PC, it has no limitations that iPhone has. The memory capacity can be extended to 8GB. It can be connected to the PC via USB cable and can be used as a flash card reader or you can download media files using Media manager that comes with the phone.

What comes in the box? Here are some unusual things that come in the box: They give customers and additional battery just to make you feel like your phone is always on. Besides the battery lifetime is 5.75 hrs of talk time which is not bad at all. Another plesant thing is that 3.5 headphones come with the phone too.

Regarding the rest of it Instinct is just a usual but very good phone that will be very easy to use. And one of its main differences from iPhone is that it is running and open source platform. All the applications are Java so they can be easily added.

While humanity goes up on the technological ladder, it is necessary to keep an eye on our surroundings. 20 age's technological boom increased our need in energy, and it greatly increased our negative influence on ecology of Earth. Now it is the time when we must learn on our mistakes, and find a new, clean source of energy for our needs. There already are several methods to make ecologically clean energy: solar batteries, windmills… Even the energy of ocean waves can be used! This interesting prototype that looks like a very long snake is meant especially for these purposes.

This snake is called "Anaconda", and it is designed especially for capturing wave energy, which is an infinite (well, almost infinite) source of energy. Huge percentage of our planet's surface is covered by oceans, so it is a shame that we waste such powerful and huge source of energy while burning Earth's resources. The power of ocean waves bends Anaconda's body and pushes the generator, located in its tail, converting kinetic energy of wave into an electrical energy. This snake now exists only as a working prototype, and it is approximately 2 meters long. When it will be fully tested, it will be much longer. 200-meters long "Anaconda" will be capable of producing 1 megawatt of ecologically clean and cheap energy. It will be enough to power up 1000 homes, so dozen of this snake-robots can supply with power a small town. It is built from materials that are highly resistant to salt-water corrosion, so its lifetime will be longer than that of any existing wave-generators.

It is a very wise choice – to use the energy sources that are almost infinite, and do not harm the ecology. This robot-snake is not first prototype of wave-driven generator, but it looks much more promising than other ones. Let us hope that this cheap and clean energy will power up our houses in not so distant future.

After apocalyptic scenarios related to the global warming began to interest scientists, there already began to appear results of exploration in the field of energy economy and some other ecological technologies. In June 2007 Popular Mechanics announced that India, specifically Tata Motors, had begun production of the first car moved by air. This year, Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) announces that production of the similar model, destined for USA market is expecting to begin till the end of 2009, or at least 2010.They have also tried to find some other solutions in nonpolluting propulsion domain. For example Daewoo a South-Korean company, created a Matiz concept with a hybrid engine: air – electric. Australian company EngineAir also developed a "rotative engine" moved by pressed air. K'Airmobiles presented two working concepts "VPA" (Vehicle with Pneumatic Assistance) and "VPP" (Vehicle with Pneumatic Propulsion) in the end of the last year; maximum weight of such a model being limited by 250 kg.Propulsion technology of the AirCar's engine was developed by the former Formula 1 engineer for MDI (Motor Development International) from Luxemburg. While in the internal-combustion engines pistons are moved be the explosion of the fuel, then in an AirCar the moving is realized by air under pressure.ZPM hope that soon the production of AirCars will be more than 10000 units annually. Models that will be launched will be OneCat, with two seats (as was produced in India) and MiniCat, with three seats. The company is also intending to launch a model called CityCat with six seats.One refueling with 340 l of air under pressure will cost approximately 2 USD and will assure autonomy for more than 1000 km at the speed 100 km/h. The price for such a car is estimating to be 17800 USD.It sounds too good to be true? We hope that not.

Purebuds are the new earbuds - which combine safe hearing with great sound quality using the unique Reverse Sound Technology. The speakers of the Purebuds are strategically placed on the outside, rather than the inside, of the earbuds. The reverse architecture of Purebuds protects from the damaging decibel levels of conventional earbuds.

With this little free software you can watch hundreds of live worldwide channels on your PC, free of charge.TV is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations on TV.Music, news, educational and sports channels are sorted in a very easy to find way.TV emulates the regular Television set on your PC.

Tried of showing photos in traditional boring photo frame on your desk? Our stylish design with fashionable color digital photo frame will refresh your mind. The ball shape in snow white color Digidio Photo Frame shows your photos in a lively way. Thanks to the clock and audible alarm that wake you up from napping every afternoon. You can even listen to Radio with this USB rechargable Digidio Photo Frame.

The UVEE solar charger - The cheapest, most eco friendly way to charge your mobile devices.In direct sunlight UVEE's solar panels convert solar energy into electricity which is automatically saved to its integral Li-ion battery.When there is no sunlight available simply charge the UVEE with the supplied AC adaptor or car charger so you will never be caught out with a flat battery again. Charge virtually anything portable, UVEE�s are supplied with 16 power adaptors and can charge a huge range of portable devices including:Mobile Phone, PDA, Ipod, Digital camera, Sat Nav, MP3 Player, DS Lite, PSP and many other small electrical appliances.AVAILABLE IN FOUR GREAT COLOURSwww.uveeit.com

Main classes of amplifiers:Class A amplifiers gives the least distortion, but are terribly inefficient. They are rarely used in commercial amplifiers because they produce too much heat and give too little output power for the effort.Class A/B is what most commercial amplifiers are. They are much more efficient, but do produce more distortion.Class B amplifiers have two transistors, one per supply rail. In properly-biased class B, only one conducts at a given time, but there is always one conducting.Class D amplifiers are a rather new phenomenon in the hifi world. They are extremely efficient (80%) and can give a very good result.

The Sony W350 is basic phone that performs like a high-end model. Sony has decided not to skimp on any of the features and the style of the phone certainly brings something new to the table. When resting on a table, the phone looks like a work of art.

It's not only the battle of two devices it is the battle of two cell phone services providers: Sprint and AT&T. These two phones will be their best and most powerful presenters that they have. iPhone 3G is not out yet but AT&T was successfully selling the previous versions of iPhone for almost a year now. So some people love AT&T and other love Sprint and it's their choice. What we are going to do is compare the features of the two phones. First of all let's do the comparison of the exterior of Samsung Instinct and iPhone. Instinct is made mainly of plastic which is not that neat today; iPhone has pats made of metal and harden glass to prevent it from scratching. As to AT&T vs. Sprint there are some advantages and disadvantages; but concerning these phones Sprint is giving very high internet speeds and music store from any point of coverage. AT&T's iPhone can only connect to iTunes store via Wi-Fi, which restricts it to the city limits. Besides, everybody knows about Samsung Instinct's and iPhone's GPS capabilities.I personally liked the voice control on Samsung Instinct; however not sure if it would work as good as they demonstrate it, so train your speech to be able to control it. I'm not sure if it was a good idea to have the keyboard only in landscape mode. My personal opinion is that I want to choose what mode to use because it really frustrates me that I need to turn it every time I want to input some text. One more thing that I love about Instinct is its open platform. I really like to install and use the software I choose. iPhone has made a pretty good job on giving positive experience for the customers but it is closed platform. Another good thing about Instinct is that they give an additional battery and an external battery charger, which can be very helpful during traveling.iPhone should be twice as fast in web browsing as the old iPhone is. It supports Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM, EDGE, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, UMTS connectivity and that's what they are proud about. One of the biggest news: it will be able to give you 3G video talks with your friends.One other big news is that Apple is going to allow third party applications on their iPhone but only those that are approved by them. Not sure how popular that will be. Apple has done a pretty good job on the user interface. And the question I have is: "Will the third party applications be free or they are going to charge the customers for that?" The platform it is running on is Mac OS X Mobile which should bring the customers best experiences. In the rest of features the iPhone 3G will be just as its predecessor (one of the best phones out there.) It will roll out on July the 11th in 70 countries of the world. The 8GB version will cost $199 and the 16GB version will cost $299.

Lots and lots of latest hi-tech gadgets are inspired by very natural ways of solving problems. Many researches find nature one of the best fields to borrow ideas and solutions from. Professor John Rogers, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, is one who succeeded to adopt a human eye's structures to a digital camera. There are pretty intricate innovations brought by Mr. Rogers and his development teem, but they all seem to be working properly. Structure of the bionic camera is mostly similar to a common modern digital camera, but the introduced innovations allow an incomparable image quality.

This gadget named Baby Q-100 Gas Grill looks very nice. But his name doesn’t correspond to its size, because it is big enough. Although it weigh is only 28 lbs. (nearly 13 kg). It’s cool to take this gadget to the party or to enjoy food prepared on in the park for example. The grill as almost assembled so it’s no necessary to fit together all the parts of the gadget. Grill has durable cast aluminum body and lid that makes him easy. Dimensions 14 X 27 X 16 inches allow the grill to be named compact. Grill includes special push-button ignition for lighting easy and fast, a large lid made of aluminum which it heat-resistant, an adjustable burner with a regulator of high quality, which allows grill to work intensive. Forceful nylon grills frame. Improvement novelty of the gadget is that fuel type of propan allows usage of the grill at home conditions. Pan holder is included for easy use and its perfect property is in his easy cleaning! Warranty of such a grill is 5 years and its price is $138.95

Motorola L6i cell phone features a super slim and chic design. Capture and share digital photos and video clips, send messages that reflect your creativity or explore the wireless world with i-mode, i-mail Bluetooth.® technology. The L6i leaves a real impression.

Intuos3 Grip Pen uses Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free technology and features a cushioned, contoured barrel that reduces grip effort by up to 40%. With a 1, 024 levels of pressure-sensitivity, a DuoSwitch, a built-in eraser.

New Pod Racer r/c vehicle from Axon Racing.up to 50mph, and dogs really hate it!It can jump, drift, and race. Very cool night lights!

Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Pink is a super slim portable MP3 player that is easy and fun to use. The View can handle the following music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, secure WMA, and Audible formats. The 1.9" TFT screen has 220 x 176.

This sleek model of 105 x 45 x 17.3 mm has been launched with a colorful TFT display of 256K colors over its 2 inches wide screen. Moreover, it proffers a unique feature of personalizing your display via an extensive range of downloadable wallpapers, screensavers, and logos.

Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman is a mobile phone for music lovers. FM radio, an advanced digital music player inside and everything you need to enjoy your music on the move. CD ripping software is included in the kit for getting your favourite songs into your phone.

The operating system of this phone uses the Symbian version 9.3. This makes using the touchscreen menu a breeze to use. Everything on the screen is so clearly laid out, within second you’ll be updating your contact information and taking photos in seconds.

The screen is a spacious 2.2 inches and displays 262k colors. At 99.8 grams this phone is very lightweight and easy to carry around. Some other great features include a Memory Stick Micro slot that includes an 8 Gigabyte card.

The electric car blanket allows you to keep warm in your vehicle and even out of it. One of the characteristics of this gadget is that it controls climate as well as possible for the passengers in a car. It is made of 100% natural fleece that is why it’s easy in use, multifunctional and comfortable. When it is rain outside you could keep the seat soft and warm or simply wrap yourself with it. Its 7’long cord allows you to perform it on a large distance, for example, at the backside of the seat.This gadget economizes your battery’s energy (only 4 amps). The blanket’s size is enough large to stretch it on two sides in a car – front and back. The navy blue color is very gentle and pleasant for perception. This gadget approaches as a present at any birthday-party, and whilew waiting in the car use it and you’ll not regret about it. The price of this novelty is $29.95

Kodak EasyShare V1253 Digital Camera is a compact and stylish camera that is packed with innovative features to enhance your photographic experience. It produces images with an astounding 12.1 megapixels of resolution.

LG KU380 GSM 3G unlocked slide phone is available in Black. Key features include an internal antenna, speakerphone. Other features include Java, MMS, class 10 GPRS, and both MP3 and 64-chord polyphonic ringtones.

Lg Black label line of phones emphasize sleek design with very useful features. Although it must be said that he emphasis of these phones are their metallic looks that seem to have stepped right out of a spy movie.

One of its most fascinating features is its embedded camera of 3.15 MP and a secondary VGA videocall camera along with the significant features including autofocus, flash, and video to seize the most pleasing moments of your life.