As world industry is turning to environmentally friendly products, we find more and more companies manifesting their gadgets in this field. But should we say they do not approach to entertain their users? Some of the upcoming gadgets can give us a clear answer to the question doing a great job for our amusement. BLDC motors caught the wind and now present their new creation. Electric bicycle by BLDC or "e-bike" in other words, is designed for more efficient, comfortable and reliable work than any others presented before.

The core of the project - brand-new ECU (electronic control unit) is now operating new generation brushless three-phase motor. Although e-bike is packed with latest and expensive gadgets, it is supposed to decrease overall cost in every day usage. Many other well-known e-bikes cost more than an average four door sedan (fixed price for the Pi electric bicycle is 7500 USD and this is not quite the limit). So if BLDC motors are brave enough to call their e-bike thrifty, no wonder they will face unprecedented demand. The concept appeals to those who use a car only for short one-man trips. E-bike will be as helpful as a car but will also prevent air pollution.

To find out more about BLDC innovations we will have to take a closer look at the e-bike's ECU. The Infineon XC800 8-bit microcontroller solves calculation problems in no time owing to upgraded 8051 two clocks core. The faster execution processes flow, the less electric power is spent. The other merit of the gadget is accustomed software. Vital algorithms of the capture/compare unit, or CCU, are now able to run without enabling some feeble and expensive sensors. Sensorless control capability is upheld by an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Protection of the gadget's software is also not out of place. The BLDC e-bike will be supplied with special features that will prevent uploading common drive conformation, primary product differentiation and code.