Nowadays, it is popular among car companies to announce one or two models that are fueled not with gas, but with electricity. It is unknown, why they mystically disappear after being announced, maybe because of low distance they can drive without battery recharging, maybe because of their ultra high cost. However, it is clear that this kind of engines will prevail above internal combustion ones in some time. It is a wise idea to combine these two engines, produce a hybrid that will be more versatile in nowadays conditions. This is exactly the idea behind this futuristic concept car that combines advantages of both engine types to obtain unique capabilities.

This car is named Antro Solo, and is engineered in Hungary. Apart from having a very futuristic design (it resembles a soapbox a little), it does have very futuristic parameters. While it requires gas to run, it uses only 0.01 liter of gas per kilometer! This was made possible by using electric engine, which accompanies combustion one. Power is gained through many solar batteries on the roof of this car, but even if you are driving in tunnel or rain, there is nothing to worry about - gas powered generator will charge car's batteries if there is no sunlight.

However, the most amazing and interesting innovation is that if you run out of gas, you can power up your car yourself! There are two pair of pedals in front of passenger seats, so if you run out of fuel during rain, you can always ask your passengers to help you out.

The body of this car is made of carbon fiber, which was made to reduce its weight. It weighs only 272 kg! More than that, carbon-fibered body will increase its durability. Unfortunately, there were no crash-tests yet, because only one car was produced, and it is shown today at the Budapest transport museum. Apart from many other concepts which exist only on paper, engineers of this one hope to begin mass-producing them starting from 2012, which is not so far. One of the most interesting parts is its price, which they claim will start from 18,000 USD. Let's wait and see, will it gain popularity or it will be forgotten as many other interesting car concepts.