Is it a new rival for the famous iPhone? David Owens says that they both have advantages when comparing these two marvels in cellular technologies. Let's say it's just very different from iPhone and this makes the Instinct not another iPhone clone but another good phone for the customers, however it looks like iPhone (Maybe it's just popular today).

So let's start with the screen: its screen is a 3.1 inch touch screen with resolution of 320*240. However, it works differently from the most of touch screens out there. Its main difference is that it reacts on depressing, so the buttons will be pushed when you depress the screen. This technology allows you to use stylus, finger nail, or finger ball to navigate through the new Samsung (which you cannot do with iPhone). The "Turn-off screen" button is situated on the top side of the phone besides you can change the dim timers of the screen to prolong the battery life.

Instinct doesn't have a keyboard so the customer will have to use one on the screen, the keyboard is also different from the iPhone's one because when you are typing it appears in landscape mode to make it more comfortable to the user. Its unique features are spellcheck correction and something like T9. It will notify you with a signal if make a typo.

The other advantage of the Samsung Instinct is that they have made it very user friendly and comfortable to use and very fast speed. Everything in this phone is ruled by speed and comfort ability. It gives you a very good internet connection (streaming TV is available), a very good camera and a very fast processor. Besides, it gives you a very good battery (1,000 mAmp) and very flexible customization capabilities.

Instinct's camera is a 2.0 MP camera that can also record videos. It should make pretty good pictures, and good features. Additionally, it has some more features to it. First of all you can upload all the images and videos you make to your personal web pages like facebook and etc. A very unique feature has been added to the web browser when you want to scroll around you page. Holding the camera button and moving your phone to the sides or up and down will scroll the page you are viewing. A very interesting addition to replicate the accelerometers installed in some cell phones.

GPS Navigation makes Samsung Instinct one of the best phones on the market (depending on its price). GPS module uses Sprint's network or the GPS itself to give the customer best service and best times. As David Owens it works pretty darn fast and he had never experienced any difficulties with that. The GPS module features audio and video step to step directions and there is also a good search engine built in. The customer can type in "pizza" and Instinct will propose a few closest ones.

Capacity features are impressive: sprint gives the customers a 2GB flash card with 2,000 prerecorded songs from the music store. Additional songs can be downloaded from media store for just 99 cents per song. However, you can also download all the music you like from your PC, it has no limitations that iPhone has. The memory capacity can be extended to 8GB. It can be connected to the PC via USB cable and can be used as a flash card reader or you can download media files using Media manager that comes with the phone.

What comes in the box? Here are some unusual things that come in the box: They give customers and additional battery just to make you feel like your phone is always on. Besides the battery lifetime is 5.75 hrs of talk time which is not bad at all. Another plesant thing is that 3.5 headphones come with the phone too.

Regarding the rest of it Instinct is just a usual but very good phone that will be very easy to use. And one of its main differences from iPhone is that it is running and open source platform. All the applications are Java so they can be easily added.