Every smoker knows that lighters are limited by their gas charge. And when it runs out of gas you must throw your lighter away, or recharge it. If you smoke a lot, you will find it annoying to throw money away on lighters. What about a lighter that doesn't need gas at all?

This conceptual lighter named Kool is not a usual lighter that we use every day. It is flameless, needs no gas to work and is fully electric, using resistance coils to light cigarettes just like the car cigarette lighter. Battery is charged via USB port that is hiding at the bottom. We don't know how much time it'd be to fully charge that battery, but it seems that you will not depend on gas anymore. And the last but not least - it has a USB mass storage function, so this lighter can be a handy USB flash drive if needed.

It is amazing how the usual things can be refurbished with help of new technologies. This gadget is only a concept, but who knows, maybe in a few years this gadget will be widely spread amongst smokers. We only hope that battery in this lighter will be strong enough to last for a couple of days at least, if not it will be nothing but a useless toy.
[from gadgets-reviews]