Artistry was always considered as something really refined and exquisite, because it's very hard to achieve success in this domain. At the same time there are a lot of people who like drawing and creating something new and unusual. Yet the problem is that even if you are very gifted and have a luxuriant imagination, you can bury you talent, because of not knowing how, i.e. by which methods, you can create something or just not having the possibility to do so. That's why a lot of new devices that were developed especially for designers and artists appeared lately. Some of them are so successful that it seems they can give you almost unlimited opportunities.

The gadget created by Kyle Cherry can be with every reason reckoned one of such devices, because it deserves very flattering remarks. Given concept represents a new type of computer that is designed to increase the quality and productivity of designers' and artists' work. It is intended to allow a user with little or no experience to make the switch from traditional to digital workflows by building the system around a more familiar interface. From each side this device has very functional and useful "side bars, where the toolbars and auxiliary information are displayed separately allowing the work space to be completely blank. Moreover it has three different modes: pen, touch and mouse modes. The pen mode allows the user to draw traditionally as if pen to paper. In the touch mode not just the side bars can be controlled by touch but the screen as well. As regards the mouse mode, it allows the users to use the mouse of their choice. In addition there is a navigator that helps you to navigate smoothly across large documents.

Actually there is no need to add something; still, if you look at the picture, you will probably understand why it's impossible not to mention the perfect design of this gadget. Maybe there are some disadvantages too, but we can say for sure that given concept can make jealous even the owners of Wacom Cintiq that is very popular at the moment.