Those of them and many others who were lucky to be on the Tuesday 29th at the annual air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, could see the first public demonstration of the latest jetpack. Glenn Martin is the inventor from New Zealand who made his child dreams about flying come true. Now, when the flying gadget is considered safe, it is going to be prepared to be put up for sale. Most probably that it will happen next year when every person interested will be able to get a personal jetpack.

From the age of five Glenn Martin thought of a private gadget that will allow ultimate mobility for him. He started to fulfill his dream when was 20 years old and it took him 27 years to build a fully manageable jetpack from scratch. No need to say how proud he was to present it to a rumbling crowd. 27 years is a considerable period. Many configurations of the jetpack were revised and the final one is of the 11th assemblage.

Glenn Martin was not alone to strive in competition against gravity. His family and friends helped him, encouraged him and even were brave enough to test the gadget. Mr. Martin’s son Harrison is the main test pilot. He is 16 now and has learned to fly before he has learned to drive. Harrison was also the one who run the jetpack at the air show in Oshkosh.

Don’t think about science fiction’s examples of jetpacks. In fact the Mr. Martin’s invention isn’t quite a jetpack to be straight. It doesn’t have a jet engine. This gadget is powered a little differently. Namely it is a very common internal combustion engine. Carrying power is produced by two large superchargers, or simply fans, drove by the above-named engine. Fully equipped jetpack, lets call it so anyway, weights 250 pounds or approximately 110 kilograms. The thrust provided by two fans altogether is about 600 pounds or 270 kilograms. To increase safety and stability, centre of mass is placed as low against the fans as possible. It creates a sort of pendulum effect. The jetpack is also equipped with shock absorbers for smoother landing and less vibration and with a small parachute just in case. Glen Martin himself confirms that it is not too complicated to handle the jet as soon as you are self responsible and not going to do something reckless.

To see the advantages of the recent invention we should compare it with other jetpacks. Practically neither of them before could stay in air for more then some minutes. Mr. Martin’s can fly for half an hour. About its abilities he says that they haven’t been pushed to a limit yet, but before going on sale, jetpack will face an enormous test of getting to a 500 feet height which is about 150 meters. That job he is not going to commit to his son Harrison. If everything will be OK, then we will see this jetpack in stores for 100,000 USD in 2009.