While humanity goes up on the technological ladder, it is necessary to keep an eye on our surroundings. 20 age's technological boom increased our need in energy, and it greatly increased our negative influence on ecology of Earth. Now it is the time when we must learn on our mistakes, and find a new, clean source of energy for our needs. There already are several methods to make ecologically clean energy: solar batteries, windmills… Even the energy of ocean waves can be used! This interesting prototype that looks like a very long snake is meant especially for these purposes.

This snake is called "Anaconda", and it is designed especially for capturing wave energy, which is an infinite (well, almost infinite) source of energy. Huge percentage of our planet's surface is covered by oceans, so it is a shame that we waste such powerful and huge source of energy while burning Earth's resources. The power of ocean waves bends Anaconda's body and pushes the generator, located in its tail, converting kinetic energy of wave into an electrical energy. This snake now exists only as a working prototype, and it is approximately 2 meters long. When it will be fully tested, it will be much longer. 200-meters long "Anaconda" will be capable of producing 1 megawatt of ecologically clean and cheap energy. It will be enough to power up 1000 homes, so dozen of this snake-robots can supply with power a small town. It is built from materials that are highly resistant to salt-water corrosion, so its lifetime will be longer than that of any existing wave-generators.

It is a very wise choice – to use the energy sources that are almost infinite, and do not harm the ecology. This robot-snake is not first prototype of wave-driven generator, but it looks much more promising than other ones. Let us hope that this cheap and clean energy will power up our houses in not so distant future.