Computer novelties from area of periphery continue to surprise us daily. ShortlySoon keyboards can be used everywhere and moreover in most extreme conditions, whether it is weather conditions or location. Digital multimedia keyboards - it is not new. Each time such requirements as convenience and singularity, compactness and universality are more and more obvious. The necessity of these characteristics and certainly with the development of new kinds has allowed to expand understanding about the keyboard and to create universal gadget.

The offer is - a water-proof keyboard. It is made of silicone; this is what gives this keyboard water resistance. Such problem as a cup of coffee spilled on a keyboard is solved. Hardly anyone has managed to get his keyboard in normal condition after such incident. Soap and water became friends not only for us, but also for computer peripheries.

However its main advantage is that the keyboard is compact and portable. It occupies a little place it is possible simply to roll it up. And the buttons will not be hurt.
Functions of the usual keyboard are basically saved. It won't take you long to get used to this keyboard and the position of its additional buttons.

Flexi keyboard will work with any PC or Laptop via USB. And what if your PC would be rolling up as this gadget does? Bendable display would be a very good start.