It is a widely known fact that many cellular operators offer interesting propositions, which can help you buy expensive smartphones for 1 dollar, or a very small price. This is a very tempting offer, but there are some rules which you must obey if you want to use newly bought phone properly. These phones often are blocked for use with only one phone carrier, so you will not be able to use any other SIM card apart from those of that carrier. It is very disappointing that some phones are only available to use with certain phone carriers, and if you live in another country or just don't want to switch operators. Such as newly released iPhone 3G that is available only from AT&T and doesn't work in other networks. How about all Apple fans that are living overseas? Thanks to the Brando, they can enjoy the iPhone 3G in their home networks without any problems.

This new chip from Brando makes a very interesting thing - it tells to the phone that your SIM card is from needed operator, making it believe that you are using the right one. Just slide the attachment under your "normal" SIM card (the one that you wish to use), and that’s all! You can then use your usual SIM card with your number without any limitations. This Brando chip is very thin, so it minimizes the need to cut and trim SIM card, and manufacturer claims that it can be used with a variety of cell phones and smartphones, not only with iPhone 3G. The list of supported models include Alcatel, Blackberry, LG,