When selecting a car to purchase, we always look for our favorite colors. Somebody likes red; somebody likes white or black... Some cars, like Ferrari, have their own recognizable color, I couldn’t imagine a pink or green Ferrari for example. Sometimes picking the right color for your car is not easy. But in nearest future this problem will be solved. How? You’ll be capable of changing color of your car with a single push of a button!

New technology called "paramagnetic" is a true revolution. Car is coated in a special way by iron (Ferrum) oxide while it is not painted yet. After that, it is processed with electricity in a certain way. This creates special crystals at the surface that can change their color.

It woks better when coated on metal because it needs asmall amount of electricity to maintain the needed color. When the ignition is off, the car becomes white as it was at the beginning.

This technology can create almost every color that human’s eye can distinguish, so it a real way to personalize your car’s color.

Changing colors is very fast – it takes about a second. You can change colors depending on your mood, on weather, or even on day of week. Streets will become much brighter and not so monotonous: green Ferraris or Cyan BMWs, pink Mercedeses – there will be no limits to the fantasy of car owners.

Nissan was already interested in this marvelous technology, so we can already expect color-changing automobiles in 2010.

The best way to change the color of your car is by playing racing video games. Most adult gamers love driving simulators. There are plenty of console and PC video games that cater to the race car driver in all of us.
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