The electric car blanket allows you to keep warm in your vehicle and even out of it. One of the characteristics of this gadget is that it controls climate as well as possible for the passengers in a car. It is made of 100% natural fleece that is why it’s easy in use, multifunctional and comfortable. When it is rain outside you could keep the seat soft and warm or simply wrap yourself with it. Its 7’long cord allows you to perform it on a large distance, for example, at the backside of the seat.This gadget economizes your battery’s energy (only 4 amps). The blanket’s size is enough large to stretch it on two sides in a car – front and back. The navy blue color is very gentle and pleasant for perception. This gadget approaches as a present at any birthday-party, and whilew waiting in the car use it and you’ll not regret about it. The price of this novelty is $29.95