Wherever your car goes, there might be dangerous curvy roads. Nissan revealed its new assisted steering system that is able to synchronize engine, braking navigation and steering systems making it possible for drivers to make safe turns. While driving on curvy roads can be exhausting, the Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal feature along with the Active Stability Assist help to facilitate your driving making it smooth and comfy.

Working in tandem with navigation map data, the Distance Control Assist System together with the Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal is able to simplify your decelerating and braking technique right before a curve. These handy systems make it possible to drive comfortably and easy. The system is capable of assisting the driver right in front of upcoming curve by going the accelerator pedal up to allow smooth braking.

The assist system is rated to be worldwide first that decrease workload of the driver on curvy roads using accelerator, brakes, power train and navigation. The system is expected to be mass produced in Japan in autumn 2009. The Active Stability Assist system operates on each of the four wheels and makes your driving more controllable.

The Distance Control Assist System along with the vehicle’s electronic stability control provides smoother cornering by means of brakes automatically applied to each wheel. The Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal with the help of navigation system optimizes the speed of the car ahead of corners to lift the accelerator pedal. Thus, your cornering technique is safer than before.