When amphibious vehicles come to my mind I get really excitable. But when it comes to the innovative concept car named the Amphibious Hybrid which pushes all the limits I am just speechless. Designed by such car designers as Janne Leppanen, Tuulia Miettinen, Roope Kolu, Tiemen Stelwagen and Jaap Van Der Voort, this futuristically looking car seems to be something special thanks to its high tech wheels that make it possible to run on any road including snow, land or even water.

The Amphibious Hybrid car seems to be a zero-emission car which is powered by electricity. The concept car features a smart wheel system which is able to match any terrain by changing its tires automatically. This is possible due to onboard systems of the car that feel the road and change the wheels accordingly. So the car provides whatever traction you might need. When the car is on the highway, the tires will be in standard mode while snow or other surfaces will change the wheels for the better grip.

So once the car is on water, the tires turn into flaps to propel the car. Running on batteries, this concept car is environmentally friendly and could be a nice solution for all the adventurous travelers. However, the price tag is expected to be high. There are 4 engines installed in each wheel. This exciting three wheeled car concept appears to be another step forward to help adventurers to travel intelligently.