BlueTrack represents the most advanced tracking technology as Microsoft says. Microsoft confirmed assumptions in connection with Say Goodbye to Laser company by launching a new mouse technology called BlueTrack.

American company says that this one combines the power of optic technology with the precision of the one based on laser, allowing to this new type of mice usage on almost any kind of surface excluding mirrors and transparent glass.

This technology is based on the combination of two modern technologies - a LED with a blue light that has a pack light, which is more than 4 times wider than a laser on a simple mouse, and a special optical architecture in addition with a new image sensor, created by Microsoft and new pixel geometry also. This combination produces an image with a high contrast of the surface on which the mouse is used. It allows a very high accuracy for the movement detection of the mouse.

So, this mouse can be used on the surfaces that were inaccessible until now as a carpet or the surface of the marble or granite. Microsoft affirms also that this kind of mouse is less predisposed to accumulate dust and cloth.

BlueTrack will appear in November with two models of mice – Microsoft Explorer Mouse at a price of 99 dollars and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse at a price of 79 dollars.
[from gadgets-reviews]